According to some beliefs, in addition to all kinds of beasts, unusual creatures resembling humans lived in the ancient large forests that stretched from the peaks of Bilogora all the way up to Kalinovac and Ferdinandovac. Legend has it that the Vedi left their original settlements and retreated to the forests of Bilogora and they had their cities there, the evidence of which you can sometimes find in the form of very large bricks that can be found.

Vedi are masculine, as tall as a house, they are similar to humans, but their bodies are completely covered with hair. They were very loud and very strong – they uprooted trees and carried heavy loads. There were good and bad ones. The wicked did not associate with people, but remained in the forest, so they were called the forest Vedi.

The good ones helped people with work on the farm and around the house. Every house had its Vedi. They were so attached to their house that they would often do all kinds of mischief to other houses and their Vedi. A Vedi could be good and useful to his master, but evil and harmful to other people.

If a storm, flood or any other disaster was expected, people would pray “God, let our Vedi help us.” After such prayers, the Vedi quickly came to the rescue. So there is a saying: “He ran as fast as a Vedi.”

Let your imagination run wild and listen to the forest, you may hear the voices of some strange creatures as well.