It is quite certain that the legend of the tunnels under the present cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila has been tickling the imagination of the people of Bjelovar for decades.

It is believed that the corridors below today’s cathedral are connected by tunnels that are as old as the entire city of Bjelovar and that they served as an exit from the city in case of a Turkish attack.

Historic records state that the excavation of the foundations of today’s cathedral began with the decree of Empress Maria Theresa of April 10, 1756, which implies that the tunnels are about 260 years old.

The tunnel from the crypt passes under the old town and leads all the way up to the pavilion. In that crypt, there is one of many entrances connected to an extensive network of underground tunnels which stretch throughout the city. The entrances to most of these tunnels have been closed up and many of them were discovered completely by accident.

The outer entrance to the crypt is located on the south side, while the entrance to the tunnel is located on the west side of the crypt, and the question is how passable the tunnel is at all.
The network of underground tunnels in Bjelovar has been studied by many – one of the findings is that these underground tunnels were a common practice at the time of the construction of the city itself.