Picnic spots

Roman forest

In the immediate vicinity of the central town square and Daruvar Spa, there is a natural park-forest, also known as the Roman forest. The Roman forest abounds in a variety of flora and fauna that inhabits an area of ​​20 hectares. It also houses the Jewish Cemetery and Julius Brum.

Also in the Roman park-forest is Julis Brum (Julius’ source, i.e. the source of love), who carries with him the myth that when you drink water with Julis Bruma that you will fall in love.

Garić Grad

Along with Medvedgrad, Garić grad is one of the oldest medieval Croatian fortified towns in northern Croatia. It was built by Ban Stjepan Šubić in 1256. In 1295 the Paulines came to Garić gora and founded the monastery Bela crkva. In 1544, the Ottomans conquered and destroyed Garić and the monastery with the church of St. Mary. It is located in the middle of Moslavačka gora near Podgarić. It was abandoned in 1544 after suffering from Ottoman invasions. From then until today, the ruins of Garić grad have been preserved and it is a favorite picnic spot.

Train in the snow and Pero Kvržica Company

Veliki Grđevac, the birthplace of Mate Lovrak, a classic of children’s literature, is visited by several thousand students and adult visitors from all over Croatia during the year. In addition to Lovrak’s Days of Culture and the memorial room of Mate Lovrak, a “Mill of the Pero Kvržica Society” was built there, identical to the same place where Pero and company restored it.

Within the Center, a railway was laid on which a steam locomotive with three wagons was placed, as a staging of Lovrak’s work “Train in the Snow”. In the center there is a reconstructed traditional Mlinar’s house, a children’s playground and other smaller ethnographic contents. The area is extremely attractive because it is located in a forest area along the stream Grđevica, as a tributary of the river Česma. Schools all over Croatia are showing great interest in the Lovrak Center, and a cultural-educational-tourist center for predominantly student tourism has been recognized, which promotes this area and reminds all generations of the character and work of the doyen of children’s novels, Mato Lovrak.

Contact information:

Address: Trg Kralja Tomislava 10, 43270 Veliki Grđevac
Tel./fax: 043/242-480
Mob.: 099 471 52 51
E-mail: kuc.matolovrak@gmail.com

The Roma ethno-house

The Roma ethno-house of the autochthonous Croatian Roma Lovari, one of the 8 groups of Roma living in Croatia today, is located in the village of Maglenča. It is a unique tourist and cultural facility that simultaneously offers an attractive and authentic tourist service for the presentation of unknown Roma history, tradition, language and customs as an integral part of the rich Croatian heritage and many products for which Roma Lovari were once recognizable. with the possibility of presenting original Roma dishes and drinks from nearby family farms. In the first Roma house in Croatia, but also in Europe, there is a permanent exhibition on the history of the autochthonous Croatian Roma Lovari and lavender products made by the Roma themselves.