The most prominent building in Lipik is most certainly the Kursalon, once a famous and luxurious spa recognizable by the buildings located in a large park.

It was built in 1893 on the south side of the park, designed by the Hungarian architect Gustav Rath from Budapest in the Neo-Renaissance style, with glazed wings that give it lightness and airiness.

It was a meeting place for fun. Almost a copy of the one in the Viennese city park, it is one of the most beautiful buildings of this type and purpose in the lands of the crown of Saint Stephen.
The Kursalon had a cafe, a restaurant and the first casino with a roulette table in the continental Croatia, a piano lounge with a separate entrance from the park reserved only for ladies, and a large concert and dance hall – a hall of mirrors.

This truly unique building, which stayed in the hearts of those who have had the privilege to see it, was completely destroyed during the war in the fall of 1991 by grenades and projectiles of the Yugoslav People’s Army and Serbian paramilitary troops. Today, the Kursalon is covered with a protective tent and is patiently awaiting restoration.

Once, life used to be lived in the never forgotten Kursalon – people waltzed, listened to belcanto, played the piano, memories were created and those memories still live on today among the people.