Hunting and fishing

Mild climate, rich forests, lowlands around rivers and freshwater ponds, spacious and rich hunting grounds, offers many opportunities for hunting tourism. Hunting grounds are among the best in Croatia, with numerous and high-quality roe deer.

In the wild, deer and roe deer, wild boars, rabbits, pheasants, runners and quails mainly live. This hunting wealth in the area of Daruvar and its surroundings is taken care of by members of nine hunting societies, the company Ribnjačarstvo Končanica as well as three hunting tenants of state hunting grounds that are not based in Daruvar, united in the Hunting Association of Bjelovar-Bilogora County. A quality offer of large and small game in the picturesque area of hospitable hosts will ensure you an unforgettable adventure.

Hunting Association of Bjelovar-Bilogora County
Address: Tomislavov trg 5 , 43000 Bjelovar
Tel.: 043/ 241-141

The Končanica fish farm is located along the Ilova River, in the area of the Končanica municipality, and is one of the oldest fish farms. The construction of the pond began in 1900 on the former forest terrains and meadows, on an area of 1,470 hectares in the length of 12 kilometers. Out of the total 1,470 hectares, the production area accounts for approx. 1,000 acres.

It mainly produces carp, pike, perch, grass carp and silver carp, and in addition to the production of freshwater fish, Ribnjačarstvo Končanica manages a common hunting ground on forest-agricultural areas and game breeding on fishponds. Sport fishing provides active recreation in ecologically preserved nature and healthy environment. Although of modest production, Ribnjačarstvo Končanica is the bearer of the development of this area.