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Gastronomy offer

The diversity of gastro and eno offers is certainly one of the biggest assets of the Daruvar region. For a complete experience, indulge in the table of a multicultural region, specific traditions, a place of lasting contact, exchange, permeation and transformation of the culture of living.

Little Italy Pub

S. Radića 49a, DARUVAR
Tel.: +385 43 637 913

Restoran Terasa

Julijev park 1, DARUVAR
Tel.: +385 43 331 705

Zeppelin Pub

Matice Hrvatske 6, BJELOVAR
Industrial Style Brewery

The Zeppelin Craft Brewery brewery is a fun place has where you can enjoy local beer, listen to great music, and taste top quality food. It uses carefully selected ingredients from local family farms and everything is based on BIO cultivation.

Daruvar Brewery

Daruvar Brewery is one of the most important symbols of this city and its rich tradition. It was founded back in 1840 on the estate of Count Janković and since its foundation until today it operates in the same place It is known as the oldest brewery in Croatia, unique in the way of beer production according to traditional Czech technology.

As it has been located in the same place since its foundation, Daruvarska pivovara is the oldest Croatian brewery and the only brewery outside the Czech Republic that produces beer according to traditional Czech technology, which makes it unique in this area.

Brewery Daruvar SOUVENIR SHOP

Working hours: 08:00-16:00, with prior notice:

Sale: 043/631-106
Info desk: 043/631-100
Suveniri: pivo, majice i čaše

Biogal d.o.o.
Donji Daruvar, Milke Trnine 20
43500 Daruvar
Tel: 043 / 334 222

Wines: Graševina, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, predicate wines.

Capacity: 40 guests

A ballad about cheese and wine

Walking through the court park of the town of Daruvar, you will reach the baroque castle of Count Janković, cellars of which still give life to quality wine, and when paired with cheeses you will experience unforgettable hedonism in the town of Ždralo.

No matter what others say – there is never too much of the good.

And here we are talking about melody, about harmony, about ballads, about flavors and aromas that intertwine and create perfection. A unique blend – bliss.

Here, dry, sweet, salty, astringent, tart, and fragrant, mix and create natural magic.

Deep red, rustic brown, golden yellow and all the colors and shades that cheeses and wines of the Daruvar region come together to offer to all true lovers of the beauty of life – “Joie de vivre”

Daruvar Winery

Additional offer:

Remains from the Roman archive, wine archive, museum of wine equipment, sale of souvenirs. Wines of the Winery Daruvar by Badel 1862 d.d. come from the “golden cellar” of the Janković castle, built by Count Janković from 1771 to 1777. There is an ideal space for maturing top and quality wines, but also a representative tasting room and wine shop. Interestingly, the basement walls are buried a few meters into the ground so the temperature in both summer and winter is uniform and ranges between 10 and 14 ° C.

Many recognitions and medals won by the wines of the Daruvar Winery at the prestigious world evaluations in recent years, classify this winery as a “golden winery”. In these baroque spaces you can taste wines of count’s origin with the expert guidance of an oenologist.


Ivana Gundulića 1, Daruvar
Tel: +385 43 331 943
Fax: +385 43 331 997
Mob: +385 98 208 378