Vinodar- wine festival

Vinodar is the most famous and most significant traditional event of the City of Daruvar and its winemakers and winegrowers, which has been taking place permanently since 1999, lasting a total of one week.

During the beginning of the week, professional lectures will be held for owners of accommodation facilities and all those interested who want to find out what is an astrotourist, then an expert lecture for winemakers and an educational tasting room “My wine is the best”, in which renowned oenologists evaluate the wine of local winemakers. An exhibition of photographs of participants in the photo workshop “World in Colors” is held in the week before Vinodar. Also this year, the DA Art Group, in cooperation with the City, is organizing the already traditional and beautiful Wine & Art Art Colony in front of the Janković Castle.

Bjelovar and its surroundings have always been known for their events. Whether it is rock concerts, cultural gatherings, or theater performances, Bjelovar and its surroundings offer events that will take your breath away.

Rockabilly festival in Daruvar – Nostalgia at its strongest

At the beginning of July, Daruvar becomes the Rockabilly center of the world. For two days we return to the golden musical past and awaken memories, dance with rock & roll dancers, watch and admire polished oldtimers, listen to DJs and bands live.

Daruvar Beer Days are recognizable as the largest gathering of Croatian craft breweries in one place and every year in mid-May attract more and more beer lovers and beer culture connoisseurs to this city, which proudly holds the title of one of the most beautiful small towns in Croatia.


Terezijana is a tourist event in the city of Bjelovar, which is held every year on the second weekend in June.

It was created in memory of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa, who founded Bjelovar in 1756. The first Terezijana was held in 1996 and since then it has been held regularly every year in the center of Bjelovar on Eugen Kvaternik Square and other city streets. Theresa begins with the arrival of Maria Theresa’s carriage and the appropriate introductory program.