Tourism Packages

Reserve your dental tourism package to repair your teeth in continental Croatia




Dental repair prices

Dental repair prices are significantly lower than in Italy, Germany, Great Britain and other Western Europe countries. Take a look at our price list.

PRICE: 2.517,00 kn

PRICE: 3.119,00 kn

Useful information

What do our travel arrangements include?

A travel arrangement for dental repairs includes accommodation at the Kezele farm in Šumećani or at the Japin Breg holiday home and the appointment for the first check-up at the dentist, as well as free plaque removal.

Transportation can be arranged by request. Enjoy the delicacies and activities of continental Croatia, and at the same time solve your dental problems at lower prices.

What if you need a longer stay as a result of a dental checkup?

In the event that during your free dental examination it is determined that you need a repair and that you need a longer stay, then we are able to arrange an extension of your accommodation.

Wellness Packages

Time to relax

Accommodation in Daruvar Spa

From 270,00 kn per person

From 350,00 kn per person

From 380,00 kn per person

Tame landscapes, cordial people

Rest on the move to improve health